Our Preschool Prep kids enjoyed reading our Little Blue Truck book so much that they asked to read our entire collection!  They learned some new songs about other vehicles too, including “Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck”, “Taxi, Taxi, Riding in the Back Seat”, and our favorite “Wheels on the Bus” toddlers painted their own paper trucks awith blue paint.  Teachers added a picture of each child to the cab of the blue truck and children enjoyed seeing themselves and all of their classmates “driving” their ouwn blue trucks as their pictures were posted on the wall.  Water play in our sensory table was fun as toddlers washed the cars and trucks with soap and water.  One toddler excitedly said “Hey, it’s a car wash!” 

Cars, truck, trains and tracks were favorites along in our block area.  Everyone had fun during “Little Blue Truck” week.