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First Relationships Last a Lifetime

New Parent Support

We believe that the best way to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families is to support early relationships and healthy attachment while respecting individual differences in a warm, nurturing environment.  We thrive on the laughter of mothers and fathers enjoying their babies and young children in a small group setting.  We also provide individual consultation services as well as infant, toddler, Preschool Prep, and parenting groups for parents and caregivers.  Parents have the opportunity to meet other new parents and caregivers and receive the latest information in child development.

Assessments and Treatment

We specialize in early identification, assessment and treatment of developmental delays and behavioral challenges in young children.  We utilize an interdisciplinary team approach in our assessments and treatment. At ecda we believe that all behaviors have meaning since children often communicate through their behavior, it’s as important to understand its meaning as it is to change it. With this approach to understanding behavior we believe we can build skills that will last a life time.

Community Outreach

Early Childhood Development Associates provides community outreach services and education to professionals in the community who work with infants and young children.  Workshops and in-services are available to preschools, elementary schools, daycares, pediatricians, parenting groups and community organizations in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas.
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Building Healthy Relationships

Since you have found our website, you may be either a new or expecting parent, or a professional seeking information or training opportunities.  We are an organization of therapists, teachers, medical professionals, child development specialists, O. T., P.T’s, whose mission is to help mothers and fathers build healthy relationships with their young children.  We believe that “First Relationships Last a Lifetime.”  So why not make those relationships as healthy and happy as possible?  Come to the world of Early Childhood Development Associates on Melrose Avenue and receive the latest information about attachment, mindful parenting, relationships, child development, behavior and discipline. We also offer help with finding the right preschool fit for your child.

Sleepy Time Therapeutic Services

Sleepy Time is a special sleep consultation service for parents of babies and young children.
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