ABCs of Kindness
By Samantha Berger & Ekaterina Trukhan
What better way to teach little ones about the importance of kindness than
combining it with the learning of the alphabet! Simple and fun, with colorful
illustrations, this book is perfect for the littlest of readers, helping parents get an
early start on introducing concepts of care, respect, consideration, generosity
and empathy into the child’s everyday vernacular.

How Kind!
By Mary Murphy
This book, written for the youngest of readers, points out the value of kindness as it
follows a single act of generosity which inspires many others and takes on a life of its
own in a truly unpredictable way!

The Big Umbrella
By Amy June Bates and Juniper Bates

Exceptionally well-written and beautifully illustrated, this book addresses
inclusion, hospitality, and sharing in a way that is genuine and deceptively
simple. It offers a perspective on the big and important social concept that can
be of benefit to everyone, from toddler to an adult.

Peppa Pig: Peppa is Kind
By Samantha Lizzio
The bona fide rock star of the Pre-K audiences around the world, Peppa Pig,
continues to talk to kids in the language they enjoy and appreciate about the
importance of making the lives of those around her just a little brighter.

Be Kind
By Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill
This moving story of camaraderie and care we get to explore what kindness is, and how
any act, big or small, make a huge difference for ourselves and for others.

Should I Share My Ice Cream?
By Mo Willems
In his characteristically hilarious and deceivingly simple way a beloved children’s
book author/philosopher Mo Willems talks about the ever-present conflict
between generosity and greed. This book speaks to the dilemma of doing what is
comfortable or what is right in a way that the youngest of children can understand
and relate to.

If You Plant a Seed
By Kadir Nelson
This children’s book about the generative power of kindness and its triumph over
greed, points out that the wellbeing of those around us is in our own interests.
With spare text and breathtaking oil paintings, Kadir Nelson’s award-winning
work demonstrates how a seed of kindness can bear sweet fruit.

Horton Hears a Who
By Dr. Seuss
Familiar to many adults, Dr. Seuss’s book remains an absolute classic to this day,
decades from its original publishing date in 1954. Horton Hears a Who speaks to every
aspect of kindness, from equality and inclusivity to the way in which individual actions
contribute to the wellbeing of the entire societies.