In a comprehensive piece of writing that summarizes the latest research on the topic of fatherhood and the role of father figure(s) in a life of an individual, Joshua A. Krisch talks about “the Father Effect”, a term coined by social scientists to describe the numerous benefits of the paternal presence. It turns out, that the notion of “a good father” has clear objective implications. Scientific data demonstrates that when fathers are actively involved with their children starting in early childhood, kids tend to grow up doing better in school, avoiding an array of high-risk behaviors, developing healthier, more stable relationships and even moving on to higher-paying jobs later in life. In other words, every drop of attention given to your toddler today, every game played together, every book read before going to bed form the building blocks of a child’s future well-being. And perhaps, equally so, if not more, these moments elevate the well-being of the parent himself.

As we spend yet another holiday in today’s radically changed social climate, we celebrate our fathers, grandfathers, and any other paternal figures who influence the way we see the world. We wish a very happy Father’s Day to all of the engaged, funny, attentive, and attuned dads we got to meet through our work at ECDA. We have no doubt that your patience and love will light up your little ones’ path as they navigate this big and complicated world.