The last stage of potty training is “independent toileting.” This stage is usually experienced after potty training has become a part of your child’s normal routine. It may take a few months before your child can go a couple of days without having an accident. Once your child has mastered the use of the potty, allow her to wear her underwear all day. You can stop giving rewards for successful use of the potty and instead praise her from time to time for following toileting steps. Potty training is a learning process and there are times when children have accidents.

Here are some tips for when accidents happen:

  1. Stay calm and say something like “Oops, you’re wet. Let’s change.”
  2. Go to the bathroom and and help your child clean up.
  3. Do not punish your child for accidents but give him a friendly reminder about what to do when he feels he needs to use the potty.
  4. Make sure your child can easily reach the potty (we recommend small potties that sit on the floor).
  5. During long play periods or before going out, say “let’s try to use the potty.”
  6. Encourage your child to go to the bathroom on outings not only to avoid accidents but also to experience going in different environments.
  7. Continue to use diapers at night until until your child is dry in the morning when he wakes up.
  8. Remind your child to sit on the potty before going to bed.

Many children accidentally soil and wet their pants when they are sick or their usual routines have been disrupted. If this happens, take a take break from potty training and start again when things have calmed down and returned to normal.

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