There is no “right “ or “wrong” way or age to teach your child how or when to use the potty. On average children are fully day trained between the ages of 2 ½ and 4. Night training however is more variable, between ages 3 and 8. In our first blog entry on potty training we will explore your toddler’s signs of readiness to begin toilet training. Below please find 12 signs to look for in determining your child’s readiness to begin the toilet training process.

1. Your child shows an interest in the potty and tells you before he needs to go.

2. Your child dislikes the feeling of wet or dry diapers and begins to pull his diapers   off when he is wet or soiled.

3. Your child can follow directions involving several steps.

4. Your child has a set of shared words for elimination and has the speech development that allows him to use them to communicate.

5. Your child has dry spells – stays dry at least for two hours, often waking up from naps dry indicating increased bladder capacity and the ability to hold and concentrate urine.

6. Your child has good motor skills and coordination – can walk to the potty and sit down without help.

7. Your child has the ability to sit still for at least three or four minutes which is important because it takes time for the body to recognize the need to “let go”.

8. Your child is able to pull his own clothes off.

9. Your child is willing to use the potty (postpone training if resistant).

10. Your child takes pride in success.

11. Your child verbally is able to comment on other sensations like hunger.

12. Your child likes to imitate parent’s toileting.

In addition, other external signs to look for which demonstrate that your toddler feels pressure inside include:

1.  Your child peers into his own diapers

2. Your child starts squatting

3. Your child grabs diapers

4. Your child is crossing his legs

5. Your child grunts or grimaces during going to the bathroom or after

6. Your child retreats to a corner or behind a sofa in order to urinate or pass stool.

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