The theme for our Preschool Prep Groups during the month of May was “Celebrating Bugs, Insects, and our Mommies” as we prepared for Mother’s Day and also learned about all kinds of bugs. 

Children did marble painting and made Mother’s Day cards for their moms.  They painted pots, planted flowers, and celebrated their moms with a “Muffins for Mommy” party. 

Preschool Prep children made bees from toilet paper rolls, butterflies from coffee filter painted with drop paints, and ladybugs using paper plates and google eyes.  They also made bugs from model magic. 

Dramatic play was exciting as children donned “Bug Hats” and buzzed, hopped, and “flew” around the playroom pretending they were bugs. 

Sensory play included hunting for plastic bugs in the sand and soil in our sensory table.  We “sorted bugs” on the light table .  We introduced water play too as the weather warmed up. 

We learned a lot about ants as we observed ants in our classroom “ant farm.”  They are very busy bugs!

Marilee Hartling RN, MFT | Infant & Child Development Specialist | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.