Themes for December for the Preschool Prep Program included Family Traditions, the Celebrations of Light, Winter, Christmas, Chanukah and making holiday gifts for parents. Concepts and vocabulary introduced included opposites such as “big and little”, “day and night”, “hot and cold”, and “hard and soft”.

A new word “absorption” was introduced as children worked on fine motor skills using eye droppers to drop water colors in various shades of blue and violet onto coffee filters which were later made into snow flakes.

Children also participated in making hand made snow. FUN!

Chanukah was celebrated as families shared their holiday traditions, menorah, candles and latkas in our classroom.

Christmas was celebrated with families bringing in their traditional holiday food for a pot luck. Children worked on fine motor skills as they decorated their wooden picture frame with glue and buttons. A picture of each child was placed into the frames and this became the perfect gift for parents!

The holiday celebrations included a discussion about “giving” and children exchanged wrapped board books during the holiday party.

Favorite stories were “Snowman at Night”, “Llama Llama Holiday Drama” and “The Snowy Day:”

Happy Holidays!

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