Balance Praise and Criticism:

There is a danger in the pressure today to read, write  and perform tasks not appropriate for age  level and  developmental stage. There is a pressure to exceed and to be “the best.” This pressure often overwhelms a child’s sense of competence. Teaching too early, “precocious learning” pays a price. The child is learning to perform because of his desire to  please others rather than his inner curiosity, which  is the best motivator.

5 principles for building positive self-esteem in children

1. If a child learns to please others he may not get the sense of having achieved it on his own.

2. Too much praise can overwhelm and become pressure rather than encouragement.

3. Criticism induces passivity rather than energy to solve problems.

4. Learn ways to nurture your child’s initiative and boost his self esteem with any new task.  Encourage him but don’t shape or pressure him.

5. Let him try different ways to solve problems and have fun within boundaries of safety and respect to others.

Need Help Boosting your Child's Self Esteem?