October was a busy month for our Preschool Prep Program. Themes included Autumn and Fall Fun, weather changes, routines and transitions through individual and group learning experiences. The highlight, of course was our celebration of Halloween during which children wore costumes and practiced their social skills while trick-or-treating in our building with their friends.

We focused on expressive and receptive language, introducing the words “smooth” and bumpy as children took turns holding and touching our smooth and bumpy pumpkins! There was a new interest in songs and fingerplays related to the season and children learned through all of their senses through visual recognition, tasting touching and listening.

Children worked on fine motor skills as they squeezed water color paint through droppers onto coffee filters which were later laminated once dry and made into sunflowers that hand from our ceiling. Fun!

With the help of their parents, toddlers participated in marble painting using white paint on black paper, These became spider webs! Red spiders were later added by toddlers using finger paint. More fun!

Toddlers participated in carving out their own small pumpkins, adding potting soil and some sunflower seeds. Each child created his own garden within his pumpkin to take home and plant. Many of the seed sprouted right away and we all were amazed!!!

Children decorated pumpkins made from paper plates painted orange and decorated rice cakes with orange tinted cream cheese and raisins for a special snack

Toddlers loved our sensory table this month which was filled with all kinds of seeds leaves, pine cones and seed-pods.

Trick-or-treat in costumes was the highlight at the end of the month. October is the best!!!

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