September was an exciting month for our Preschool Prep Program as children learned about apples, seeds, and the colors red, yellow and green. The Fall Season was welcomed with enthusiasm.

toddler girl playing wtih playdoh at early childhood development associates class

Children had a chance to examine apples of all shapes, sizes and colors. Each friend was greeted in the morning with a red apple and the song “One little apple round and red, fell Ker plunk on Jack’s head” etc.

toddler girl playing wtih playdoh at early childhood development associates class

The children watched teachers cut the apples using an apple slicer and celebrated the Jewish Holiday Roshashanah, by dipping the apple slice in the honey before eating. Everyone was wished a “Sweet New Year!”

2 toddler looking at teacher's hands cutting apples with a apple cutter

Children watched  as teachers cut the apples different ways so that “stars” and seeds could be easily seen. They also had fun sponge painting apple shapes which were later hung from the tree branch in our classroom.

apple shaped paiting hung by the ceiling at early childhood development associates
toddler sponge painting at ecda's class

Paint was used to make “apple prints” and apples were even used to measure children’s height! Tissue paper apple shapes were made to decorate our windows.

2 toddlers luong on the floor with apples beside them in the form of a line to measure their height with the apples at ECDA
ecda's window with art projects made from the kids

Our Preschool Prep children loved playing with corn, beans and sunflower seed in our sensory table and used measuring cups to pour the seeds into different size containers. This was a great way to introduce concepts like volume, noticing when the cups were full and when they were empty.

toddlers playing at sensory table with seeds at ecda

So much fun! Can’t wait to see what October will bring!!!

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