We have finished our February curriculum and we had so much fun! Our theme for February was: caring and sharing.

We talked about our families and friends and worked on sharing and problem-solving skills. We also learned about weather: rainy, sunny and windy.

kids learning to paint hearts out of heart shaped cookie cutters at early childhood development classes
giving valentines to friends in class at early childhood development associates

With the celebration of Valentine’s Day, we were able to share the valentines we made and learn to understand and identify feelings.

Language used for problem solving included: “Turn, please”, “No, thank you”, “Yes, please”, “I’m not finished”, “Help, please” and “Let’s work together”.

We played with homemade playdoh, shared a special Valentine’s snack…

little boy frosting heart shaped cookies at early childhood development class

Celebrated Chinese New Year, ate rice with chopsticks, and shared fortune cookies.

little girl eating chinese food at early childhood development class

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little boy holding chinese new year mask at early childhood development class

It was a great month! Looking forward to learning and having more fun in March!

wrote by: Marilee Hartling & Paula Boscardin