We are so very happy to announce the launch of our brand new website – www.ecdevelopment.co !!! We have a new website address and a new logo but the same commitment to Early Childhood Education that you’ve known and trusted all these years! The only thing that we’ve changed is our look. Have no doubt, we are still continuing to provide the highest quality in support to new parents in our group programs. We still provide developmental and behavioral assessments and treatments in our clinical programs and as always we still provide community outreach in our training and educational programs.

We’d like to thank the Smack Smog team for helping us to create our new logo and our new website. Smack Smog is a online marketing company that develops branding and online strategies for real businesses in the real world. Steve O’Bryan and Patti Ring, along with their Smack Smog team have been great in revamping our branding and helping us with this new launch.

Our office stays the same, our phone number stays the same and while we will no longer be posting on the old web site we’ll be exclusively using this new web site www.ecdevelopment.co We hope that you like our new logo and website, we sure do!