• Keep a beverage available at all times – dehydration can be a problem when flying
  • Always bring more snacks, water, milk, and formula that you think you’ll need
  • Disposable bottle holder- simply throw the liner away – no more cleaning
  • Disposable bottle liners that are pre- sterilized in a roll
  • L’ovedbaby 4 in 1 Nursing Shawl or nursing poncho
  • Sassy four part formula container
  • Similac single packet formula container
  • Prince Lionheart On The Go Bottle Warmer- also good for jars

Making the Change

  • Some planes have a small changing table
  • Ask cabin crew for assistance
  • Use place in the rear of the plane
  • If at your seat, be sensitive to your neighbors
  • Use diaper pins to attach a blanket to your seat and the seat in front of you for privacy
  • Wrap soiled wipes in a perfumed polythene nappy sack and dispose in bathroom trash
  • Safeline Kids Timberline Diaper backpack are easy to carry
  • Munchkin Disposable diaper bags- can easily be packed away Cushie Mat for changing non slip, waterproof and germ free
  • Diaper fanny pack or Ziploc bag with essentials- can easily be stored under the seat
  • One packet of wipes and diapers in Ziploc bag*
  • Soogarbooger by EC for clean and dirty laundry


  • Grab a blanket and pillow as soon as you get on the plane
  • Consider buying child their own seat for your own and your baby’s comfort
  • Pack a favorite cuddly in an easily accessible place
  • Baby sleeping bag
  • Lullabies on tapes or IPOD so they know it is time for sleep


  • Wrap toys to add to their entertainment value
  • Bring toys out one by one to get the maximum use
  • Bring a box of colorful band aids- it will keep them entertained for hours
  • Take some old favorites and some new surprises
  • Hide away a couple of toys a week or two before trip and re-find them on plane.
  • Take a photo album with pictures of people you will see to get them acquainted
  • Don’t pack noisy toys or games to avoid bothering neighbors
  • Bring a balloon in your pocket for in between transits
  • Shakers
  • Scarves

When is a good time to fly?

  •  Morning or evening- stay on their schedule
  • Non peak hours- midday and midweek to get better seat and can stretch out
  • During the child’s naptime
  • Overnight if you have a long flight.
  • Non-stop flights to avoid stop-overs

Where should we sit?

  • Reserve a bulkhead seat for one or more legroom and playroom
  • Some airlines have bassinets in place of bulkhead (for long distances)
  • If using car seats, must have Federal Aviation Administration approval sticker.
  • Book seat in middle of plane near wings for smoothest ride
  • Place yourself between child and aisle to prevent items overhead from injuring child.
  • Remember that children are not allowed to sit in exit rows when making a reservation


  • Breast or bottle feed or drink from spout or straw
  • Make sure child has no ear infection/pre-flight cold- get decongestant if so.
  • Put drops in ears before flying
  • Yawning is also good way to help relieve the pressure
  • Wake child before you begin descent- landing is usually harder on ears.

Getting ready

  •  Spend some time reading books with traveling themes
  • If you fear motion sickness, talk to your pediatrician
  • If you have fear of traveling, be sure not to pass it on to child.

Getting around

  • Snap on wheels for infant car seats so child can ride in the car seat
  • Kid Keeper or Sure Steps Safety Harness to keep your child close-by
  • Small strollers will fit in luggage bins
  • Elite cruiser infant front pack so you can carry while push luggage
  • Convertible car seat that converts into a stroller is great to have.