Preschool Prep Program

April 2015


The theme for the month of April was “Growing Things ~ Plants”. The concepts of this month were exploring beans and seeds and learning new vocabulary and concepts, such as: roots, seeding, stem, caring for living things, earth day, caring for our environment.

Our goal for the month was to improve skills of listening, following directions and awareness of others in the shared space.

We prepared various creative art, tactile sensory, and  manipulative activities to achieve these goals.

Creative Art Activities

-Showing our feelings by making mouths on faces with marker

-Making finger painting and prints

-Making nests out of paper bags and grass

-Painting: egg cookies; cream cheese; food coloring

-Painting caterpillars and balloons with green paint

-Making lady bugs with paper plates, red paper, black paper and glue

-Butterfly: contact; tissue paper

Tactile Sensory Activities

-Playing with play dough, spring cookie cutters, rollers and play dough scissors

-Shaving cream on trays

-Measuring and playing with corn

Manipulative Activities

-People in our neighborhood: farm, school and house

-Baby animals from farm

-“Bug” puzzles and matching games





Ice cookies, raisins, apple slices, cream cheese, crackers, cheese, grapes, kiwi, honeydew, strawberries, apple juice




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