6 Homework Rituals

by Amanda Espy, MFT Intern
Supervised by: Marilee Hartling, RN, MFT

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOne of the questions we hear a lot at ECDA from parents is, How can I make homework time into a positive and enriching experience for my school-aged child instead of a struggle?


Here are 6 ways to create harmony around homework:


  1. Let consequences come from the teacher. Set the stage for a good homework routine, but do not do it for your child. The consequences from not doing the work should come from the teacher.


  1. Paint or decorate a special desk. Create a special place for your child to call their own. Decorate the space with the intention of the type of work to be done in the space. This helps your child take ownership over the homework ritual, and can help your child feel proud of his/her space and the tasks to be completed within the space.


  1. Ask, don’t Tell. (2) While younger children need more assistance with homework routines, as early as possible in your child’s school career, foster responsibility by limiting your role to asking questions. Maui Family Magazine suggests asking questions such as:
  • “What homework do you have?”
  • “When will you do it?”
  • “What do you need from me?”


  1. Try Transitional Tea & Snack Time. Welcome your child home from a long day at school with some calming, comforting tea. Use the structure of the table setting to get feedback on his/her day and give them their much needed brain-fuel in the form of a snack. Tea time can be a nurturing transition. Find a calming recipe HERE.Added Note: Color Me Mine has a sweet little tea set that you and your child can paint together and use for your ritual (as shown in photo).


  1. Use Positive Rewards. Remind your child of something interesting or fun that awaits him/her once homework is done. Research has proven that use of positive reward is more effective than threat of punishment. Click here for a helpful list of age-appropriate positive reinforcements. ECDA also love the list from the Kazdin Method.


  1. Be Consistent with your Homework Rituals.


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