Preschool Prep Program

March 2015 


The March theme is “Green!! Preparing  for Spring”.  Our focus this month is green-green-everywhere (growing grass, fruit, garden salad, insects, and animals).

Our goal is to improve motor skills by playing and mixing colors (blue and yellow) to make various shades of green. We will also practice using paint, water colors, tissue paper and shaving cream.


Creative Art ActivitiesIMG_4735

  • Making shamrock prints using green pepper (cut in half), green paint and paper, shamrock cookie cutters and three bottle corks.
  • Making art with green tissue paper and wax paper
  • Making veggie prints using green pepper, green apple and cucumber
  • Car track painting (using paper on table and green paint)

Tactile Sensory Activities

  • Shaping green play dough with cookie cutters and rollers scissors

Manipulative Activities

  • Dramatic Play Area, used for improving social skills
  • Block Area, used for cooperative play
  • Magnetic Tiles, used for science and math
  • Sensory Table (shaving cream)
  • Dropping green-colored water with eye dropper on shamrock shaped paper
  • Playing with cars and trains


  • Whole wheat crackers, string cheese, fruit (green apples, kiwi, grapes, snap peas), cream cheese, raisins

If you are interested in learning more about our Preschool Prep Program, contact us at or at 323-655-5580. We are currently registering for Summer and Fall sessions. Contact us now to reserve a spot!