Sneak Peek: Preschool Prep Program at ECDA

February 2015

Our children are learning valuable lessons here at ECDA in preparation for preschool. The theme for this month was “Caring and Sharing.”

Our goal was to improve language skills to solve problems:

-“No, thank you”

-“I’m not finished”

-“Can I have a turn?”

-“Help me please”

-“Let’s play together”

To reach our goal, we created various activities like creative art and tactile, sensory,  and manipulative projects so the children would engage with each other.

Creative Art Activities

IMG_3834 (2)

  • Valentine cards using pink paper, red paint and golf balls on trays.
  • Making heart shapes using cookie cutters, paint and potato (cut into heart shape).
  • Free Art: Gadget printing with potato mashers, paint, and strawberry baskets.
  • Making Dragon Puppets using lunch bags and attaching eyes and tongue with the glue.
  • Water play: using water, cars and sponges for making bubbles.
  • Tissue paper art: This week we will use wax paper, green tissue paper and glue to practice fine motor skills as we make shamrocks for March!

Tactile/Sensory Activities

  • Playing with play dough (email us for our homemade recipe!) using heart shaped cookie cutters, rollers, and garlic press.
  • Making circle and square shapes out of play dough using cookie cutters.

Manipulative Activities

We have three areas of playing:

  • Dramatic play area for dress-up (social)
  • Magna tiles for building (science/math)
  • Trains, tracks, and cars (cooperation)


Balanced, yet festive, snacks are always important!IMG_4182

  • Crackers, cheese, fruit
  •  “Special Valentine’s Day Snack” with heart shaped bread, cream cheese and sliced strawberries.
  • Fortune cookies, oranges and long ramen noodles for Lunar New Year


If you are interested in learning more about our Preschool Prep Program, contact us at or at 323-655-5580. We are currently registering for Summer and Fall sessions. Contact us now to reserve a spot!