We have many exciting things going on this month!

Our theme for January is “Animals and People in Winter”.  We have some fun activities planned each week that will help promote our toddlers’ cognitive as well as social-emotional  and speech development as we get them ready for preschool.

Using Creative Art, Tactile,  Sensory and Manipulative activities, we can teach the concept of opposites, such as day/night, hot/cold, front/back, top/bottom, in/out, hard/soft, and stop/go. We can also teach the skills of following directions, matching, categorizing, and using sorting language (same vs. different).

This week’s activities:

Creative Art: Building “Tracks in the Snow” using white paint to stamp different vehicles and animal on blue paper.

Tactile Sensory: Using play dough to help our toddlers become familiar with the vehicles and animals used to build the “Tracks in the Snow.”

Manipulative: Filling a Sensory Table with cotton balls and using tongs, pincers and small containers to teach the skills of sorting and organizing. Using these tools also helps our toddlers to develop their fine motor skills.

Check back next week for more exciting activities!