We’re so excited for our groups next week! You may be wondering “why?” It’s because we will be able to interact with live caterpillars! We ordered several caterpillar kits and they will be here next week for everyone at ECDA to enjoy! The children will get to learn about caterpillars and actually get to see real ones, and watch their transformation into butterflies!

To get the children excited about butterflies, we had a butterfly activity in our groups this week at ECDA.  This is a symmetry exercise.  It teaches children the concept of two parts being the same.   The children sponge painted butterfly cutouts, practicing their motor skills, and showing off their beautiful artistic abilities. They also got to add a touch of sparkle to their butterflies with some glitter!

Once the caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies, we will take the kids outside to release them into the world and watch how beautiful they are when they fly around. This will be very exciting for our groups.  It’s such a beautiful transformation that will be quite a site to see!

For more information about our group program, please email us at info@ecdevelopment.org.