Last week we had a lot of fun in our groups celebrating Spring and learning about Passover. In our groups the Spring Bunny came to visit the kids and hid eggs for them to find with cute stickers and treats inside! The children went on an egg hunt around the center with cute little baskets to fill up with the eggs they found. We read a book telling the story of Passover and tried some yummy Matzah! We all had a great time with each other sharing yummy treats and lots of laughs. The kids sported their adorable spring outfits for our Spring Party.

April is already here and we still have weeks of spring fun to come! This week we made adorable bunnies with paint and cotton balls. Next week we will be making beautiful butterflies. We have cute caterpillar projects to do in our groups, too! We also will have real live caterpillars that we can watch transition into beautiful butterflies that we will let the children release outside to watch them flutter off into the world!