Spring is coming soon and we’re very excited. Our groups here at ECDA have been going just great! We’ve met new friends in some of our groups and we’re excited to start making memories with them. To celebrate the Spring time, we have a lot of fun activities planned for our groups.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up just before Spring, and we had a fun activity of coloring and decorating green shamrocks. This activity promotes motor skills and prepares the children in the groups for pre-school. We also had fun playing with homemade play-dough  and even more exciting, we dyed it green for St. Patrick’s Day!


We also have other fun activities for our groups that stimulating for your children’s minds and motor skills. We constructed rainbows and filled them with colored tissue paper, helping the children to learn about the different colors and about the things in the world.

This spring we will also be celebrating Easter, we’ll be doing an activity decorating little bags with yellow chicks and filling them up. We will also be having an easter egg hunt at our center! Also in celebrating of spring we will watch the process of caterpillars transforming into butterflies, and then releasing them off into the world!