Our “New Friends” Group-A great Place to Come to Make New Friends

Our New Friends groups are an ideal setting to help children develop adaptive social skills in a positive and structured small group of peers. Through their interactions with one another, they improve their interpersonal skills as well as increase their self-confidence and develop a greater understanding of their environment. They also have the opportunity to learn from one another, practice new patterns of interaction, and improve awareness of their own feelings as well as recognizing the feelings of others…while having fun!

Who benefits from participating in our “New Friends” Groups?

All children can benefit from group interaction. Specifically, children who gain the most from these groups are those who have difficulty with: shyness, low self-confidence, forming friendships, social anxiety, playing or sharing well with others, and behavior problems.


How do I know if my child needs to improve his/her social skills?

  1. Is he/she excessively shy?
  2. Do you find your child misses out when not invited to play dates or parties?
  3. Does your child avoid going on play dates or withdraw at parties?
  4. Does your child complain that he/she often feels left out of games and activities?
  5. Does he/she ever solicit negative attention from peers?
  6. Is he/she trying to make friends and having a hard time?
  7. Does his/her teacher report any problems at school?


By Megan Baker, MA, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. If you would like to enroll your child or have any questions, please contact our office at 323.655.5580