Learning to wait in line
Our Preschool Prep Group focuses on the skills that will be needed for each child who is transitioning to preschool program in the Fall.  Many of the children who have grown up in our infant and toddler group programs move into our Preschool Prep Group once they turn 2  1/2 to 3 years old when parents begin to plan for and anticipate  the start of preschool.  We also have childrens from the community who have not been involved in our infant and toddler program too.
During their stay in our Preschool Prep Group,  children  have a chance to practice separating from Mom and Dad in a more “grown up” way.   As they leave the Group Room and  enter the Play Room they wave to Mom or Dad and say “Bye,Bye”  knowing that Mom or Dad will be further away than they were in Toddler Group but still  in  the building where they will be sharing a cup of coffee or having lunch with other parents. This positive and gentle separation experience in our Preschool Prep Group is one more important step towards the bigger separation experience and independence  children  will experience when they go off to preschool.
 Story Time:
During “Story Time” children practice sitting and listning.  Ariko is reading a book entitled “Share and Take Turns.”
We try to make our reading time interactive by asking questions like “what is happening in this picture?” or  “when you want a turn with a toy,what can you say to your friends?”  Children practice speech & language skills as well as social skills while sharing snack around the table with friends and group leaders.
 Group Cooperation:
 After table time, we practice taking turns and sharing with our friends during our group projects.  We notice when chidlren share their toys and we give them positive feedback when they wait for a turn. We focus on the positive and give them lots of support when they needed.
Matching shapes:
We also prepare different kinds of developmental activities each week to promote the development of fine motor skills and social competence.
We look forward to meeting you and your child in our Preschool Prep Program soon!  Also, check out our blogs about 5 Tips for Handling “Preschool” Separation Anxiety and Preschool Prep Gradation.  For more questions about our Preschool Prep Program, please call Marilee or Ariko at 323-655-5580 or email us at info@ecdevelopment.org