Guidelines for Setting up  Successful Play Dates

l.  Make the play date short, especially in the beginning.  A 1 hour play date is long enough. You can decide later to extend the play date as your child comes to know his friend and you see how the 2 of them interact.

2. Talk with your child ahead of time about sharing.  Help him to decide which toys he will share on the play date and which ones he  does not want to share.  Make sure that the toys he does not want to share are put up and away before the play date begins. Remind your child that the toys that are left will be shared with his friend when he comes over to play. 

3. Have a plan ahead of time about the activities that will be offered during the play date. Share this plan with your child.

4. Discuss with the friend’s parents any concerns ahead of time and ask about favorite activities.  

5. Be available to help during the play date.  This assures a successful experience for both your child and his/her friends.   

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