Personal Story books are helpful for Children of all ages who are handling changes or transitions. 

Changes and transitions are much more difficult when they are unexpected. This is true  for parents as well as for children.   Accidents, emergencies, and other upsetting situations can be hard on parents too.  It is hard for children to see their parents frightened.   They respond automatically to their parent’s feelings even more than they do to their own feelings.

Some people in attempting to reassure parents, suggest that the child will not remember the event and advise not talking about it.  However, early childhood experts know that a child, even one without language, can absorb the scary feeling of the event. A simple “narrative” or story about the event can be an important tool to use to decrease childrens’ anxiety and to prevent ongoing “worry feelings.”

We provide services to children and families in our office when there are transitions, changes, a traumatic events.  We invite you to call our office at (323)655-5580 or contact us via email at for questions or consultations.