We frequently receive calls from parents with preschool age children.  The most frequently asked question is this:   What kind of services does the early childhood development associates  provide for preschools and the children they serve?   Here is the answer :

  12 Services Offered to Preschools and Preschool Families

l. Educational inservices and workshops to teachers and to parents

2. Preparation of children for preschool through our “PreSchool Prep Group”

3.  Identification of children with delays and special needs through observation and screening

4. Denver II Developmental Screening & Comprehensive assessments

5.  Referral to community resources and coordination of care

6.  Support to teachers and directors with parent conferencing

7.  Practical strategies to improve children’s functioning at school & at home

8.  Shadow services

9. Social skills groups including our “New Friends Group” 

10.  Parent support

11. Individual therapy

12.Family therapy


Call us with any questions at (323)  655-5580 or email us at info@ecdevelopment.org