One of the most frequently asked questions by parents,  teachers , school  directors , and principals is this:  How do we know when a child needs a consultation or assessment?  Here are  things to look for in identifying children who may benefit from a consultation and /or assessment.

26 ways to  Identify Children Who May Benefit from a Consultation:

l. Parental concerns

2.  Difficulty with separation

3.  History of trauma or loss

4.  Child consistently avoids playing with other children

5.  Aggressive behavior

6.  Poor impulse control

7. Attention is shorter than it is for other  children the same age

8.  Lacks social skills

9.  Avoids or rarely makes eye contact

10.  Unusually frustrated when trying to do simple tasks

11. Focuses on unusual objects for long periods of time, preferring objects more than interacting with others

12. Plays with toys in an unusual way

13.  Rocks body

14.  Stiff arms or legs

15.  Floppy or limp body

16.  Uses one side of the body more than the other

17.  Unusual clumsiness and/or frequent falling

18.  Fails to develop sounds or words appropriate for age

19.  Talks in a very loud or very soft voice

20.  Fails to respond when called

21.  Difficulty following directions

22.  Cries easily

23.  Extremely shy or anxious

24.  Tilts head into an unusual position when looking at an object

25.  Has difficulty picking up small objects on the floor after 12 months



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