6  Things  I Learned  in My  Infant and Toddler Group

1.  As an infant I learned that the world is a safe place.

Whenever I had a need, I cried and Mommy, Daddy, or a special grown up responded. I could count on it!   In my infant group all the Mommies and Daddies  learned that this is very important.

2.  As I began to crawl away from Mommy &  Daddy  I learned that I really am a little person separate from my Mom & Dad.

This was very exciting! And sometimes it was scarey too!   As I crawled into the play room during group time while Mommy was involved in parent discussion, I was eager to explore.  But then I would look around and suddenly realize that I couldn’t see Mommy!..Does she still exist when I can’t see her?  I wasn’t sure!   Sometimes I would cry.  Ariko, Zeb, and the other child development specialists would pick me up and bring me back to check in with Mommy.  Once I checked in I would feel better and then I  would crawl away again.  Soon I learned that I can be OK with other grown ups caring for me and I can be OK even when I can’t see Mommy. I also learned that when Mommies and Daddies leave, they always come back.

3.  I learned that I could walk and climb and survive the tumbles that happened along the way.

When I fell on the  soft, padded,  spongy  floor in the toddler play room while  I was learning to walk and climb, it was no  big deal. It was  a surprise, but it didn’t  hurt.  I was willing to  get up and try again.

4.  I learned that I could use my voice and words to communicate.

Music time with Mommy & Daddy increased my “phonological awareness” which helped me with my speech development.  There was no stopping me from talking or communicating!

5.  I learned that I can play with other children and be a part of a group.

Sometimes I wanted the same toy my friend had!  Ariko, Zeb and the other grownups helped me to learn to wait, to trade and to take turns. I will still need help with this and lots of practice in preschool, but I am off to a good start.

6.  I learned that I am prepared to go to preschool now.

The structure of my infant and  toddler group along with  some of the table top activities  helped me to get ready. So did the help I received from the grown ups who taught me about taking turns and sharing.  The stories about going to preschool helped me and my parents to know what to expect so the transition would be easier.   I am good to go!

Congratulations   2011  Toddler   Graduates !