Our Preschool Prep Group

dictated a story after the release of the butterflies



Once upon a time there were  5  caterpillars in our play room

Max:  “and there was a little house and then the caterpillars  turned into butterflies!”


Marilee:  “and we named them John, Paul,George,  Ringo, and Jane”

And then what happened?

Tyler:  “I went to find oranges and flowers to feed the butterflies.  I found yellow and red flowers.”

Ariko:  “We went downstairs to Mel and Rose and they gave us a free orange to feed the butterflies. We cut the orange into slices. “

Tyler:   “I put the orange slice into the butterfly cage.”

Ariko:  “I dropped sugar water on the flowers.”

Tyler:  “I dropped sugar water on the oranges.”

Marilee:   “And I took the butterflies to my house in their cage.  I took them to my garden and I let them go and they flew away up into the sky.”

Where do you think the butterflies went?

“Olivia:  “They flew to a place that had oranges so they could have more food!”

Marilee: “and they lived happily ever after!”

The End


Tyler, Max, Olivia, Paulina, Ariko, Blaine, and Marilee

!”The End