“My Turn!”

In our Toddler Group Program, children love to sit inside the drum and sing  “row row row your boat” during our music time- we teach children to “take turns” in the drum and to help push while “waiting” for a turn.

Children learn how to get along with others by developing social interaction skills in the early years of their lives. They learn to gain control of their own behavior during this time in their life.
This is not always easy. Children at this age often have conflicts with each other when two kids want the same toy.  To help the children learn how to get along we play a simple game called  “My Turn, Your Turn”.  We teach children to “wait” for their turn by explaining what is happening and having fun with them.

You can also use a timer and explain that when all the sand goes down, it’s time for our friend to have a turn.  We are also teaching children to use their words “my turn” instead of grabbing a toy from a friend.  These are all very important skills they need to learn for their social and emotional development.  We enjoy seeing toddlers starting to learn about these skills and instead of throwing tantrums, they can manage to control their emotions and to wait for their turn.  It is amazing to see the toddlers understand this concept of waiting and taking turns through  practice in our toddler program.  We are so proud of them!

Ariko Yoshizawa, MA

Child Development Specialist