What Children Learn in  Toddler Groups

Valentine Hand Prints

One of our toddlers in this picture  enjoys having his hand painted by Ariko while mommy provides him with support.   He is making a handprint for Valentine’s  Day!

Some children have difficulty with hand painting because they have differences in their sensory processing which make them shy away from paint, shaving cream and other gooey substances.  Children with this challenge may have  difficulty processing other everyday sensations and may exhibit  behaviors such as  avoiding or seeking out certain kinds of touch, movement, sounds, and sights.  In our toddler group program, we help children to gradually overcome  sensory processing differences  by developing empathy for how they experience their world and by incorporating some sensory  activities  in small doses into our  play time while they are supported.   Gradually, even the most sensitive child can overcome his/her  avoidance of sensory activities and can learn to have a good time.  Then they don’t miss out!

Making Tissue Paper Hearts for Mommy & Daddy

Here is one of our toddler groups , tearing up the colorful tissue paper and rolling it into a ball… dipping the tissue paper into glue… and decorating a heart for Mommy or Daddy.   We are having fun while working on our fine motor skills!

Developing your toddler’s fine motor skills is important because it is your child’s  small muscle movements of the hands and fingers that help him/her to eventually perform school readiness activities such as drawing, writing using a pencil, cutting with scissors, holding and using a knife and fork, etc.  We start practicing fine motor skills at an early age in our toddler groups and we do it in a fun way.  As a parent, you can also encourage your child to develop these skills through everyday tasks such as closing jars , zipping zippers, or playing with  play dough.

Learning Social Skills in Toddler Group

Here is one of our  Toddler Groups.  The children sit around the table to have snack while they listen  to Marilee’s  story.  They are learning  important social skills during this activity and getting prepared for preschool.  We also recommend that  parents arrange to have “play dates” with a  friend during the week in order to practice those important skills they are learning in toddler group…asking for help, waiting, trading, and taking turns. Toddlers  need adult support for awhile before they are able to manage  social situations on their own.  Toddler Group is a great place to start!

Valentine hand prints for Mommy and Daddy say “I love you”

Our toddlers loved this activity and so did our parents!

Ariko Yoshizawa MA

Child Development Specialist