5 month old babies

7 Characteristics of 5 Month Old Infants

1. Maintains head control when pulled to sitting position

2.  Turns and rolls over

3.  Reaches and grasps for dangling objects

4.  Beginning to use one-handed reaching for things on a table

5.  Looks for dropped or partially covered objects

6.  Smiles at self in the mirror

7.  May use combined consonant vowel sounds like “da” and “ga”

8.  And more

Suggestions for Developmental Play at 5 Months

Interactive Visual and Auditory Play Activities

1.  Play simple hide and seek games with a favorite toy.  Cover parts of the toy or hide it behind cushion. Praise baby when she uncovers it.

2.  Add movement to songs that you sing to your baby.  Ex: move baby’s arms during “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Wheels on the Bus”.

3.  Begin to place toys at a slight distance to encourage regard for distant and moving objects.

Interactive Play Activities Involving Movement

1.  Help baby do” knee  bends”  while lying on back

2.   Continue slow version of  the “Airplane Dance”

3.   Work on easy balance activities using slow tilts from side to side.  In our “First Weeks” group we do this activity while reciting  nursery rhymes such as “Trot Along to Boston” and “Mama’s Little Baby Loves Dancin’,Dancin’ “

“Trot Along to Boston ! “

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat!”

4.  Offer objects to hold in both hands

5.  Stimulate reaching and kicking with jungle gym and crib toys

6.  Vary baby’s positioning, supported sitting, tummy, side-lying

7.  Introduce paper play

Marilee Hartling RN, MFT

Infant/Child Development Specialist

Licensed Child and Family Therapist