A “Tummy Time” Play Date

I had a very enjoyable lunch last week  with  Charmayne  Ross  PT,  DS.

Charmayne  is the director of physical therapy at Dynamic Therapies off the 210 freeway in Arcadia.  Charmayne was so glad to hear that our staff is  offering a “Tummy time” workshop next month on March 25 at 1 PM at the Hollywood Pump Station (to sign up).   She shares our concern that babies are not spending enough time on their tummies during awake and play  time since the Back to Sleep Campaign began.  In addition to gross motor delays Charmayne reported that she and her colleagues are also seeing more “acquired torticollis”  and ” positional plagiocephaly ” in their clinic.  “Acquired torticollis” occurs when a baby’s head is maintained primarily in one position.  Charmayne says that  although supine sleeping (back to sleep) continues to be recommended as the safest position for the majority of babies, prone positioning for play , aka: “Tummy Time” even in small amounts may relate to faster achievement of developmental milestones.

We are excited  to have the opportunity to teach parents some fun ways for babies to enjoy “tummy time” in our upcoming workshop.  Whether it’s “tummy time'” on a boppy or “tummy time” in your arms as you slowly dance and “fly” in the air to Laurie Berkner’s song  “Goin’ On An Airplane”, it all counts and it all helps your baby’s development.  It’s fun too!

Marilee Hartling RN, MFT

Infant/Child Development Specialist

Licensed Child and Family Therapist