4 characteristics of One Month Old Babies

1. Awake and alert about l hour out of every 10

2.  Watches objects placed in front of face

3.   Responds to your voice

4. Makes eye contact

Play Activities at 1 Month

Interactive Visual play:  1.) Engage in eye contact 8 to 10 inches away.  Start in midline and have your baby follow your eyes side to side as you move slowly. 2.)  Use colored scarves to interest your baby and encourage to follow visually side to side.

Interactive Auditory Play: 1.) While engaged in eye contact, talk or sing to your baby.  2.) Change your voice inflection and tone while talking or singing.  3.) Use shakers and gently shake about 8 inches from your baby’s ear.  Continue until your baby’s eyes turn toward the sound.

Movement: 1.) Introduce a few minutes of  ” Tummy Time”  every day using a boppy under the chest.  Position yourself at eye level so that you can entertain your baby while he is doing” Tummy Time”   2.)  Dance with your baby in a variety of positions.  Notice which movements your baby prefers   3.)  Sit with your baby on your lap, providing head and back support and gently rock back and forth while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.  Experiment while singing “Rock, Rock, Rock Your Boat” and “Bounce, Bounce, Bounce Your Boat”.  Which type of movement does your baby seem to like the best?   4.)  Provide tactile stimulation through massage as you sing to your baby using simple songs such as the “Flea Song” which we teach parents in our “First Weeks” class.

Watch for tips for playing with your 2 month old in tomarrow’s blog.

Marilee Hartling RN, MFT

Infant/Child Development Specialist

Licensed Child and Family Therapist