We’ve been talking about Tummy Time in our recent blogs.  We’ve  written about “5 Ways Babies do Tummy Time”, “The Importance of Tummy Time” and “8 Ways Parents can Overcome the Challenges of Tummy Time.”

I like this poem from the SIDS Alliance, www.sidsalliance.org.


Now you lay me down to sleep

On my back for safest keep.

It’s tummy time when I’m awake.

but back is best for sleeping breaks.

Keep quilts, toys, and pillows out of my bed.

Never put covers over or beneath my head.

Cigarettes are bad for me.

Please keep my environment smoke-free.

These may be many rules to know,

but minding them will help me grow!

Remember this rhyme when caring for kids,

and help reduce the risk of SIDS.

The challenge is how do you get your baby to do 30 minutes a day of Tummy Time when he doesn’t like it?

Our blog gave 8 suggestions.

In our “First Weeks Group” today at the Hollywood Pump Station, we introduced one of our Tummy Time dances.  This one is called “Goin’ on an Airplane.”  Parents held their babies in Tummy Time positions and moved them like airplanes in time with music.  This activity not only gets babies into prone position (Tummy down) which counts as 3 minutes of Tummy Time but it also helps them to develop balance while offering vestibular movement and input. This is a good help to your baby’s development.

Here are some “First Weeks” group pictures.  The babies all enjoyed this activity and no one protested Tummy Time. Parents had a good work out too!

Marilee Hartling RN, MFT

Infant/Child Development Specialist

Licensed child and Family Therapist