Tummy Time is simply the time that babies spend lying and playing on their tummies and off their backs while they are awake.

  1. Lying prone (tummy down) on a blanket on the floor
  2. Lying prone on mommy or daddy’s tummy or chest while mommy or daddy are reclining
  3. Lying prone on a nursing pillow or “Boppy”
  4. Lying prone on mommy or daddy’s forearm as baby is carried
  5. Lying prone on an exercise ball

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Learn More…

Join our “First Weeks Group” for children 0 – 6 months old to learn more about Tummy Time and other important subjects that are important to your children’s  health and well being.  Also, our director Marilee Harting will be presenting a talk about the Importance of Tummy Time at the Pump Station later in March. Stay tuned for more information!