Tummy Time is simply the time that babies spend lying and playing on their tummies and off their backs while they are awake.

Why is Tummy Time important?

Positioning babies on their tummies while awake gets them off their backs and provides a break for the posterior occiput (back of the head).  It lessens the chance of a misshapen head (flat head or cranial asymmetry) and gives babies a chance to strengthen their neck  and back muscles which prepares them to push up. toll over. sit up, and crawl. although the back-to-sleep campaign has effectively reduced cases of SIDS, babies now miss out on 12-15 hours of Tummy Time which they used to get during sleep. this has resulted in an increase in diagnosis of early motor delays and an increase in referrals for physical therapy. It has also increased the need for infant helmet therapy.

Learn More…

Join our “First Weeks Group” for children 0 – 6 months old to learn more about Tummy Time and other important subjects that are important to your children’s  health and well being.  Also, our director Marilee Hartling will be presenting a talk about the Importance of Tummy Time at the Pump Station later in March. Stay tuned for more information!.