Focus on Support, Discussion, Education, and Developmental Activities

Our groups are professionally led by licensed therapists and infant and child development specialists. Our group leaders use a mindful parenting philosophy, promoting parental attunement, as well as teaching parents about their children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

0 - 6 Months

“First Weeks Group”

Group leaders provide a nurturing environment for both parents and infants. Focus is on helping parents to adjust to the joys and challenges of becoming a new parent.

Discussion topics include transitioning to parenthood, sleep, attachment, bonding, attunement, nannies, getting back to work and more. Classes include music, movement and developmental play as babies are ready.

6 - 12 Months

“Movers & Shakers”

Our group leaders provide parents with the developmental knowledge needed to understand their babies’ physical, social, emotional and cognitive development using a mindful parenting approach.   Discussion topics include how to add solids to your baby’s diet, sleep and sleep regression, naps and how to hire caregivers and more.

Classes include music, movement and developmental play activities that promote developmental progress while having fun.

12 - 24 Months


Our group leaders continue to provide parents with developmental knowledge using a mindful parenting philosophy. Toddlers participate in music and movement with parents and are then provided with a structured developmental play experience and snack with gentle supervisions by our child development specialists.

Discussions topics include stranger anxiety, tantrums, new sleep schedules and more.

"Mommy's Trip to the Hospital"

Prepare for the birth of your second baby! Download this book to make with your child. Add your own pictures and drawings so that it is personalized.

Your Second Baby

“Me Too!”

A “Parent & Me” group just for you and your second baby. Group leaders provide a nurturing environment for both parents and babies.

Our discussion topics include how to talk to your child about the new baby, tips for the first months at home, ways to include your child as a “helper”, understanding regressive behavior, what to do about your child’s “two big feelings” about the new baby and how to handle jealousy.

Preschool Prep

“Preschool Prep”

Our Preschool Prep classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours (9 – 11AM). Curriculum is written by Pat Joseph Thomas, PhD from the Center for Early Education; Pat oversees this program and curriculum, while Marilee Hartling RN, MFT, Arielle Dehry MA, Katrin Baradarian MA and Joel Polachek MA are the primary teachers. Preschool Prep is a tuition based, play based class for toddlers which prepares them for preschool success.

"The New Baby"

Help your child adjust to the birth of the new baby. Download this book to make with your child. Add your own pictures and drawing so that it is personalized.

Social Skills Building Groups

After School Programs

We believe that bolstering children’s social and emotional competence is the best way to foster their success and happiness in school and later in life. For this reason we have created an after school program that does just that. If you would like your child to have a boost in his/her ability to play cooperatively, make friends and resolve conflicts while having fun, this is the right program for you.

Focus is on communication skills, active listening, sharing and taking turns, and friend-making activities that promote social and emotional competence while having fun in a supportive, nurturing peer group setting. Groups are limited to 6 children. Parents and caregivers have the option of staying for parent discussion with our parent educator while children attend their group in the play room.

Ages 3 - 4

“Tiny Friends”

Preschool is often a child’s first venture into the wide world of friendships. Three and four year olds learn about the importance of communication and relationships with their peers both inside and outside of the preschool classroom. Learning how to cope and respond to peers who have their own agendas can be a challenge. In our Tiny Friends Group children practice turn-taking skills and how to use their words to express emotions and resolve conflicts. Children are taught beginning skills they can use to both join and welcome others in play. Sharing is a skill that is discussed and practiced while engaging in games and fun activities.

Ages 5 - 6

“Little Friends”

With the entrance into kindergarten and first grade there is new pressure on five and six year olds to grow up, to perform and to fit in. At five and six, children begin to become more aware of their own limitations and those of the world. Five and six can be a challenging age. In our Little Friends Group we offer fun activities that both bolster social-emotional competence and build self-esteem. Focus is on teaching kids to identify and appropriately express emotions. Children also engage in problem-solving games and learn to talk and work it out as they practice building “friendships skills”.

Ages 7 - 8

“New Friends”

There is a continued increase in pressure in second and third grade to perform both academically and socially. Peers become very important and challenges can arise as friendship become more complex. In our New Friends Group children learn conversational, friendship and problem-solving skills. They practice active listening and observation skills which helps them to become more aware of others people’s active feelings and needs. Cooperation begins when children are able to both assert themselves appropriately and develop a welcoming attitude towards others. Being a good sport and playing fair, compromising and solving problems are skills that are emphasized through fun games, role play, and friend making activities.